No 10 Worried 2015 Election Spending Police Investigations

If the results of the election are tainted. Then the referendum itself is in doubt. Since if the election should have been won by another party. The referendum may not have been called at all.
“I have now sent an email (borrowed from a member of another group, with their permission) to Mr Rowley:
Please feel free to copy/paste to send your own; let’s fill his inbox by Monday morning. This is not directly related to the referendum, but, it could have far-reaching effects as to the validity of it if we push hard enough:
Dear Mr Rowley, As I am sure you are aware, there is an ongoing police investigation into MPs, from six constituencies, spending more than the legal limit on local campaigns. Following Channel 4’s investigation and findings, I feel compelled to write to you; here is one of the many news links now available confirming the seriousness of this matter:
This is a critical situation that needs to be called into account immediately, with no further delaying tactics from any source. Currently, in France, both Mr Fillon and Mme Le Pen are under investigation for similar reasons – Britain must do the same, otherwise, politicians will be able to continue without control or consequences of their actions.
It has been stated that an example will be made of just one or two cases – this is simply not good enough. These MPs have broken the law and must face criminal charges, otherwise, the law means nothing if it protects certain people and not others.
I would ask politely, but I feel too strongly to do that, so I must demand that these MPs are brought to justice, stripped of their constituencies and sentenced accordingly. I also feel strongly, as do many others, that, while this government is under investigation, its powers should be limited when attempting to change the constitution or laws of the country.
No political party should be allowed to escape from the law just because of who they are and what they represent.
I thank you for your time in reading this and hope that I, and the many millions more, will not be ignored.

Yours sincerely,

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