From the 48% to Theresa May

Project aim
We are crowdfunding to pay for a series of billboards and ads to get our voices heard.


Campaign info : This crowdfund is to fund a targeted nationwide advertising and poster campaign to make the voice of the 48% heard!

The Government and politicians are not hearing the voice of the people who voted remain. This is your chance to have your say.

With the funds we raise we will buy advertising space in newspapers and billboards. We will back this up with full digital campaigns to maximise impact.

We are a group of individuals who work in creative media and communications. We will be working with the UK’s top creative agencies to make our ads as impactful as we can.

The first step is to announce to the UK that we exist, that we resist Brexit, and that we are not going to go away.

We want to talk about deep issues we face in our country as a result of the referendum result, to ensure politicians are held to account during the current process of invoking A50, negotiating the exit and the vote on a final deal.

This is our chance to be heard!

All people who pledge on this campaign will get the opportunity to vote for the designs that we will be using on the billboard campaign.


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