What can you do?


In this section you’ll find a variety of positive actions you can take to keep the Remain voice heard in Parliament and the media. It is vital to keep the conversation going. Silence IS acceptance. So please do as much as you can, as often as you can.

Before you go any further …. please take a minute to watch this short ‘What Should You Do’  VIDEO from the “Brains of Remain”, Prof A C Grayling. And this passionate and moving SPEECH from Esteban Gonzalez Pons to remind yourself of why we are doing this.


Our THING OF THE WEEK this week ….

Send this email to Donald Tusk. Just copy, paste, insert name and address at bottom, press send.  

Simple as that.

Subject:Notice of individual A50 dissent
Dear Mr Tusk,

I refer to the Treaty on European Union as amended by the Treaty of Lisbon signed on 13 December 2007 in Lisbon.

I am informed that notice has been given to the European Council by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, pursuant to Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, of the intention of the British government to withdraw the United Kingdom (the “UK”) from the European Union (the “EU”).

As a British national and citizen of the EU, I hereby notify the Council of my dissent from and objections to this act of the British government. For the avoidance of doubt, I do not consent to being deprived of my European Citizenship or the rights conferred by that citizenship. Further, quite apart from not having my consent, I contend that, contrary to its claim, the British government does not have a democratic mandate from the people of the UK to leave the EU and accordingly I object to and contest the validity of its notice served under Article 50.2.

While reserving my position on whether the British government has complied with the requirements of Article 50.1, the basis for my opposition to its notice of intention to withdraw is that the referendum, which is the source of the mandate claimed by the British government, was fundamentally flawed as set out below.

I contend that the result of the referendum should be treated as void (notwithstanding that it was non-binding in any event) for the following reasons (inter alia):

(a) During the months prior to the referendum, voters were subjected to an onslaught of misrepresentations by those campaigning and in the British news and social media, much of which took the form of distortions of facts that were calculated to mislead readers. As a result, the majority of voters were either uninformed or wrongly informed about the pertinent issues and by no stretch of the imagination could the referendum result truthfully be described as a democratic exercise in informed choice;

(b) Only 37.5% of those eligible to vote, voted in favour of leaving the EU (17.4 million persons);

(c) Several million British nationals who arguably should have been eligible to vote, were excluded from doing so. Those excluded comprised, amongst others (i) the entire 16-18 age group, although the same group were able to vote in the recent Scottish referendum on independence; (ii) non-UK EU member state nationals resident in the UK, although nationals of Commonwealth nations and Eire resident in the UK were able to vote; and (iii) British nationals who had been resident outside the UK for more than 15 years, including those residing in the EU; and

(d) In spite of a large body of evidence that in the 9 months since the referendum was held a sizeable fraction of those who voted to leave the EU have changed their minds as the issues have crystallised, the British government refused a second referendum before giving notice to the Council.

In conclusion, I humbly request that my objection to being forcibly deprived of my European Citizenship and corresponding rights is noted and acted upon by the Council. Further, I request that the Council note my grounds for objecting to the British government’s notice of intention to leave the EU and take them into account in its response to that notice.

I would be very grateful if you could acknowledge this communication.
FLOCK BREXIT. We all need to get behind this. More info HERE.


PROTEST now is the time to take to the streets! If the Unite for Europe march gave you a taste for it (it certainly did me!) then click here for more information about other protests you can take part in.

WRITE – by email or post. You cannot write enough letters! To MPs  To the Lords

SIGN – petitions, petitions, petitions: click for what to sign

TALK TO PEOPLE – at home, at work , in the street – keep the subject in peoples minds: click to read more

CALL – call your MP’s office, call a Lord, call your local radio station

SHOW SUPPORT – it’s lonely out there! Give some of our favourite Remainers your support: click for more

CONNECT WITH OTHERS – whether it’s joining the groups on Facebook, following Remainers on Twitter, commenting on news articles: click for more ideas

VOLUNTEER TO HELP / DONATE – crowdfunded billboards, the ‘Stop the Silence’ campaign and other great ideas: click to read more

COMPLAIN – have a proper ‘remoan’ by making official complaints: click to read more

BUY STUFF – ‘The New European’, books,  flags, stickers: click to read more

You’ll find many more ideas in our OTHER THINGS YOU CAN DO section.

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