voteleaveuk Summons its inner Turbo B

In an unprecedented move yesterday. As part of it’s project against “Project Fear”. The voteleaveuk camp was seen channelling its inner Turbo B with its latest threats to overthrow the government after the loss of the Article 50 court case. In its latest publication “Operation Beacon” they were heard to state:

“Like the crack of the whip
I snap attack, front to back
In this thing called rap”

With a short following statement of:

“Don’t need the police to try to save them
Your voice will sink so please
Stay off my back, or I will attack
And you don’t want that”

The former soldier and 90s cross over rap pop star Turbo B was overjoyed to hear that voteleaveuk were thinking of also covering their other classic hits such as “Ooops Up” and “Rhythm Is a Dancer”

We 90s fans await with great anticipation.

Edit: voteleaveuk has toned down the publication since its original release.