The New Remain Political Parties

Right now it seems the race to be the first registered political party is “On like Donkey Kong”

There are a few crowd funders and many more pages coming along. They are split into two camps. The single agenda groups who are seeking to be the antithesis of UKIPs out stance. Wholly embracing a single motive of staying in the EU. To the very in-depth groups with plans to increase Police numbers and put post offices back in our villages, to reducing removing Trident and spending the money on frontline troops and an overhaul of the NHS and benefits systems.

To say that these new parties were left or right leaning would be to oversimplify the ideas behind them. Since first and foremost they seek to unite the traditional political wings behind the lead target of staying in the EU or preparing to rejoin.

The reason for many of these groups is the feeling of mistrust of the current parties. Pro-EU Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems, who feel they are no longer represented. Rightly or wrongly. Those who feel the Corbyn Red Brexit is no better than the Tories Blue Brexit. Those who have not forgiven LibDems for their part in the previous government and Student loans. To those who feel let down over Referendum lies, NHS failures, Gulf war and myriad other reasons.

For many the current system is no longer workable. PR is an oft talked about possibility. Especially when people are forced to vote, not for a party they want in power. But for the party that they revile the least.

So far the main presence seems to be Facebook based with forays into Twitter and elsewhere by more adventurous groups. So If you are looking for a new political home. Check out some of these.

– Unity – The Remain Party – Better for everyone.

– Renew

– The European Party

– The Progressive Democrats


– Progressive European Party (PEP)

The New Centrist Pro-EU Political Party for the UK

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