Take a stand against the far-right press

SUPPORT ‘Stop Funding Hate’

This powerful video sums up what they are trying to do.

When you are aware of a company who claims to be ethical (such as John Lewis, for example) advertising in ‘The Daily Express’, ‘The Sun’ or ‘The Daily Mail’ leave polite requests on their Facebook pages, by email, letter or Twitter asking them to stop and saying you won’t shop with them until they do.

John Lewis, Waitrose and M&S are currently being targeted by campaigners.

Linking the above video on the comments page of their FB page or tweeting it works well, and is very quick and easy to do.

Please sign this petition too.


Write regularly to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) about articles in the gutter press. Some may argue this is a waste of time as they never seem to take the complaints further but this is all about shouting louder! So if you see an outrageous lie or a headline in the tabloid press that you feel is inciting racial hatred, or fuelling Brexit lies then complain to IPSO. Inundate them with complaints. You won’t be spoilt for choice! You can do that here.


COMPLAIN to 4th Viscount Rothemere, Jonathan Harmsworth – owner of The Daily Mail

Rumoured to be uncomfortable with the paper’s content, so worth contacting him to ask him how he sleeps at night. Write to: Northcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London, W8 5TT.


COMPLAIN to the BBC about their weak coverage of all things Brexit

It’s a straightforward process and they always respond. The more people complain instead of just muttering under their breath at the radio or shouting at the TV in frustration, the more they will take note and things may start to change. You can do that here.

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