Stories of the Holocaust.

I was born 1965, just 20 years after WW2 ended. My Father was an orthopaedic Shoemaker in Germany and owned his shop and workshop. A few of my Dads Workmen were Men in their 40s and 50s then, and used to be Soldiers in the War. 90% of my Dads Customers were People who have been injured during the War. As my Parents owned the Business, I grew up amongst those Workmen and amongst those War veterans, Jews who had escaped the Camps, POW Guys who stayed in Germany and so on.
Over the last few month, many things from my early Childhood have come back to me. They have come back, not because I was trying to remember, but because recent occurrences triggered some kind of remembering Button inside me. As my Mum and my dad are only 71 and 74 years old, and still very fit and healthy, I had to talk to them about it, and they were able to testify my memories.
Well let me start with one, which has really haunted me since I was 4 years of age. One of my dads customers came to our shop, and he had a big dent in his forehead, right in the middle, just above the eyebrows. When I saw the man (remember I was 4), I asked him, if he had a third eye. The dent was discoloured and looked really like some sort of a third eye to me then. My Mum tried to get me away, but the Man told my mum that it was ok. So he bent down to me, and told me that he has got that in the War. He told me, that another Man did hurt him badly, but he did nit really mean it, as the other man believed in a lie. I could not understand, but my Mum and dad insisted on leaving it like that, as I was only 4!

This customer of my dad lived until I was about 12, and I got to know him well, as he came in about every two weeks. At some later point, he mentioned to my dad, that he still remembers when I asked him about his third eye. By that time I was about 10 or 11, and I was present when he told my dad. So my dad got into a conversation about it with the man, and I was allowed to listen in. He told my dad exactly what had happened. This man was a Jew, and he was shot (supposed to be killed) in a Concentration Camp, but he was found alive by the Americans and rescued, as the Bullet had not gone into the brain and just fractured his skull. He was shot by a NAZI! My dad had asked him, how he ended up in a Concentration Camp, and that man told him, that a long term Family friend had told the Gestapo about his Family, and they were all deported. His Parents died, his siblings died, but he was fit for work when they reached the camp, and he was working in the Camp until shortly before the Americans freed the Camp. He and many others were shot when the US Soldiers were on their way to rescue.
I also recall another Situation, when another Customer of my dad was in the shop, and told my dad to make sure he tells me what had happened between 1933 and 1945. This man told me, how people reached the point where they started to hate each other just because of a massive propaganda machinery paid for by the Government in Germany. He told me, that good friends were turned into worst enemies just because of propaganda. He told me, how his family fell out with all the rest of their family, because his Mum and dad followed Hitler blind and believed every single word, but the rest of the Family were “anti-Hitler” and so the Family fell out and his dad even reported the other parts of the Family to the Gestapo.
I don’t want to bore you with my Childhood memories, but I want to make you aware about the obvious similarities between what I know from people who went through it, and what is happening right now all over the world.
Most Dictators are voted into high positions by a Democratic vote, and they will soon very sly turn a democracy into a dictatorship. Blind People will follow them, and even become denouncers on their friends and families.
To me, at this moment, I feel like I am in the wrong place (UK), I feel like I have to watch my back at all times, I feel like I can not trust people, or even friends anymore. Yes, I feel like I have to be careful all the time who I am talking to, what I am saying.
I beg any single one of you reading this, please, please make sure we do not get to this point again, where people have to fear for their life! I already fear for the security of my fellow non-UK Friends!

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