Restoring Integrity to Democracy

About the Case

Our group “Restoring Integrity” is a small group of UK citizens who are seeking to restore integrity to the UK democratic process following the 2016 EU Referendum campaigning, by ensuring that UK electoral law – if broken – is upheld.

Specifically, the concerns being raised surround allegations of corrupt practices under grounds of “Undue Influence”.

Following detailed review, on 24th October 2016 we submitted a letter, accompanied by evidence across six separate grounds, to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders CB.  The evidence provided relates to the Vote Leave and Leave.EU referendum campaigns.

Inevitably some may misinterpret the group’s motivations, but our goal is safeguarding the UK democratic process.  It is a public interest action, and indeed one now being entrusted to the appropriate public prosecution authorities.

If corrupt campaigning practices are not investigated and prosecuted when they have occurred then the UK’s system of free and fair democracy is seriously threatened and a dangerous precedent is set.

We also believe that the perceived injustices being raised lie at the heart of ongoing reluctance by many to accept the referendum result, and a deepening of public divisions following the campaigns.

In seeking prosecution if and where serious wrongdoing has occurred, ours is a cause for everyone in the UK irrespective of their politics.  It is about restoring integrity to our democratic process, both for now and for the future.  And whatever the outcome, if properly handled we expect these proceedings to help to heal the divide by ensuring a fair hearing of the issues.

It will be for both the public and politicians to decide what import to put upon these proceedings and whether in the meantime the referendum result can be considered as democratically safe.  This site will be providing more information on the issues being raised and news on the case.

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Source: Restoring Integrity to Democracy – Citizens seeking to restore integrity to the UK democratic process following the 2016 EU Referendum.