Other things you can do

First and foremost – GET YOUR EU FACTS STRAIGHT!  University of Liverpool Professor of EU Law, Michael Dougan’s videos are a great way of doing this. Click HERE to watch the one he made pre-referendum, which gives a run-down of  how the EU works, and click HERE to watch the one he made after the result.



Bit of a necessary evil if you want to reach the widest audience.  Far more people are getting their information from Twitter than they are from Facebook. It takes a bit of getting used to and a while to build up a following, but it  is the most direct way of contacting the decision makers directly and getting your voice heard. Also flinging the occasional well-worded  insult May’s way when the urge strikes is pretty satisfying.


Spread the word about and go along to ‘The Convention – Brexit and the Political Crash’ in London in May. Tickets and more info here.


Just click to find and join your LOCAL GROUP. And you’ll find the Britain for Europe groups listed HERE.

You can keep up to date with what all the groups are doing on their news page HERE.


There is a huge amount of pro-EU activity on Facebook where you can connect with like-minded people, get inspired and stay motivated! Here are two of the most popular groups:

The 48% (the largest closed group)

We Are The 48% (closed group)

Find many more in JOIN US ON SOCIAL MEDIA.


Play ‘Hide the hate press

Cover up The Sun, The Daily Express and The Daily Mail with any other non-gutter press publication in newsagents and supermarkets  so they’re not visible. Works on two levels. No sensationalist headlines to catch the eye and fewer papers being bought. It’s REALLY satisfying!


Play ‘What went wrong?’

Have some fun and wind up David Davis and the Dept for Exiting the European Union via their website.  Just complete their ‘what went wrong‘ box at the bottom of the page. Let your creativity run wild!


Get your voice heard in The Guardian

They want to hear from us here. NB : can be anonymous.


Get on TV!

Go on the BBC’s Question Time, and ask a question! One the best way to get our voices literally heard in the mainstream media. Here’s the application form.


Vote tactically

Sign up to Vote For Europe here. Tactical voting for pro-EU Parliamentary candidates can help get more anti-Brexit MPs in the Commons.

Others to sign up to include Euromove and Open Britain.


Use hashtags

Use #StopBrexit, #HelpStopBrexit, and #BResistance , #StopBrexitMadness, #noBrexit when you post and Tweet or make comments online – makes it easy for the media to pick up the groundswell of democracy finding it’s voice!



Really good blogs from around the country containing a wealth of interesting info. Many more to follow!


Boycott pro-Brexit businesses

Hit them where it hurts. Wetherspoons, Next, Dyson, Timpsons and Tate & Lyle currently top the list.

This Wikipedia list (reliability of source unknown so do please research further to check the claims!) may be helpful when choosing who to boycott.


Brexit Testimonials

Hundreds of people have written about how the referendum has personally affected them. Add your story here.


Racism/Intimidation/Hate Crimes

If you witness or experience this, please make sure that you report it. No reporting means the statistics fall.

Follow up the report by writing to all your local officials via this  portal  and if you can, write to the local and national press as well.

BBC ONLINE – click on the ‘good news’ stories

Click through to any stories which contain news about the negative impact of Brexit, or report a success for the remain campaign.
This keeps them on the front page and ensures they gain maximum exposure.


ART for EU
Artists have been making pro-EU cards and writing EU facts on the back. They’ve been leaving them in cafés, on public transport and in loos. Inside ‘The Daily Mail’ is proving particularly popular! Others have had business cards printed with the EU flag on one side and some facts on the back. Find out more about getting involved here.


Join More United

A people-powered movement to change politics.



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