One person one vote. Is that really the British system?

“The Labour Party received an income of more than £51m in 2015”
“The Conservatives received £41.9m, the Lib Dems £7.9m and the SNP £6m.” 4 August 2016
One person one vote. That’s equal power.
So is the political system in the UK a fair one for the people?
Are the financial systems for backing political parties creating an unfair political advantage for those with money? Over and above the one person one vote system?
Is the money that large political parties hold in their accounts benefiting the country as a whole? Or does it only provide more power over the nation than those with only a single vote?
Could that money be better and more fairly used to support the country as a whole? OR is it fair and equal that those that “have”, get to have more sway over the running of the nation than the rest of us “Have nots” with only our vote to help plot the course of the nation?
How many police or doctors or nurses could we fund with that income? How many schools and teachers could we pay for with the money from the political parties accounts?
Is it time for all party donations to be pooled and shared evenly? So that all parties and their supporters have an equal voice?
Should that money sit in the nation’s coffers earning interest rather than for the parties private funds?
What do you think? Is it time for a change?

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