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Read about how it all started, and what is being done by so many people behind the scenes using social media. Mel C’s story about the founding of the pro-EU Co-Hub network is here


LOCAL GROUPS. Find yours here!


Some of the most popular groups, pages and websites are listed below. NB: this list is by no means exhaustive!

Stop The Silence (website) Stop The Silence (FB) Stop The Silence (Twitter)

Co-ordination Hub (FB ) Co-ordination Hub (Twitter)

The 48% (FB )

We Are The 48% (FB)

Reasons2Remain  (website) Reasons2Remain (FB)

16 Million Rising (website) 16 Million Rising (FB)

Action to Remain Think Tank (FB)

Vote for Europe – Tactical Voting To Stay In The EU (FB)

Represent Us (website) Represent Us (FB)

Brexit Memes Project (FB)

Remain Visual Media (FB)

Richmond Park Lib Dem Virtual HQ (FB)

Scientists for EU (FB) Scientists for EU (Twitter)

Healthier in the EU (FB) Healthier in the EU (Twitter)

EU Citizens in the UK and abroad may be interested in RIFT (Remain in France Together); Forum for EU Citizens and The 3 Million.

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