“In sadness and anger”. One constituent’s moving letter to Labour MP, Diane Abbott (27/1/17) saying what so many feel.

Hi Diane

Just a few words. I heard a sound bite from you on the Today programme this morning. While I’m touched that you should be so concerned with how Labour policy might be viewed in post industrial Wales, I wonder if you might consider the wishes of your own constituents? Who voted overwhelmingly to Remain in the EU.

You and I both know that the Tory Right have embraced Brexit, because of the blank cheque it offers them. Hence all this ‘The Will of the People’ quasi-fascist rhetoric. What really puzzles me, though, is why you and Jeremy are such eager cheerleaders for Brexit? You may dispute this, but all I hear is Labour parroting this tabloid-appeasing, mob-fearing, oligarch-funded nonsense.

It is NOT the will of the people. It was the fleeting result of one opinion poll, taken after a torrent of tabloid propaganda (following decades of drip drip anti-European lies). It was not binding. In fact, if Labour had had the intellectual and moral strength to argue a internationalist, socialist, pro-EU vision, you would be in a much better position than you are today.

Which is nowhere. Miserable polling. A political laughing stock. The papers don’t even bother to pillory Jeremy any more, as they know he is a busted flush. This, to me, is heart-breaking, because I really thought that there was hope for a renaissance in the party. But, once again, on the policies that matter (Brexit), Labour has become Tory-lite.

You have missed a historic opportunity. Labour could have become the party of the majority that do not want Brexit. Instead, what are you? I’m no longer sure. You don’t get votes if you don’t have a compelling story to tell.

I’d rip up and send you my Labour membership card, but I don’t want to waste the postage. Brexit will probably devastate the industry I work in, so I’m going to need the money.

Yours, in sadness and anger.

The author wishes to remain anonymous.

One thought on ““In sadness and anger”. One constituent’s moving letter to Labour MP, Diane Abbott (27/1/17) saying what so many feel.

  • January 28, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    I have emailed my MP today, please see below my letter to Jeremy Hunt.

    Dear Mr Hunt,

    In your capacity as MP for South West Surrey (my constituency), I’m writing to kindly ask you not to back the triggering of Article 50.

    You know better than I do that the EU referendum was called to resolve conflicts internal to the Conservative Party. You know better than I do that all the claims made by those campaigning to leave the EU were either not true or clearly undeliverable promises. You know better than I do that misinformation, ignorance and recklessness played a key role in the campaign. You know better than I do that 16,141,241 people voted for the UK to remain a member of the EU. You know better than I do that those who voted for the UK to leave did not know what they were voting for, and clearly they did not vote for the UK to leave the European Single Market, or for our economy to be destroyed, or for thousands of jobs to disappear, or for all our fellow UK citizens to lose the right to live work and travel in the rest of Europe (simply because none of these points were on the ballot paper).
    Contrary to the claim usually made by the Government, that the ‘country voted to leave the EU’, we must note that the 17,410,742 people who voted to leave only represent approximately 26% of the population – that can hardly been defined as ‘the country’. For some reason, the Government has decided to listen to the misinformed 26% of the population, when we all know that the result of the referendum is only advisory.

    We all know that the UK is better off in the EU, none of us wants to live in a country that refuses to trade with its closest neighbours, a country where inequality becomes the norm, a country where xenophobia and racism dangerously permeate society, a country where ignorance flourishes. The EU is one of the most significant achievements in Europe since the second world war (if not THE most significant), where countries have come together to build an open, fairer and more prosperous society. The UK could be at the forefront of the EU, helping Europe to become even stronger, tackling inequalities across the Continent and pushing for more integration.

    I am dreadfully worried about what lies ahead, should Parliament decide to back the triggering of Article 50.
    Why should I (and all UK fellow citizens):
    – Lose the right to live, work and retire in the rest of Europe?
    – Face years of economic stagnation, rising inflation and declining prosperity?
    – Be seen by our European neighbours as someone who believes to be better than anyone else?
    – Align with whatever policies the United States decide to adopt, simply because we ditched our trade partners and we were desperate for new ones?
    – Resign to live in a society dominated by tabloid sub-culture?
    – Deny future generations the hope of a better future in an inclusive society?

    Please do not say that the answer to these questions is “because the country had voted so”.

    I do understand that, from a personal perspective, voting against your Conservative Government would be a very difficult decision for you to take. However I think it’s now time to be brave, so please do vote against the triggering of Article 50. Please work to persuade other MPs to do the same, regardless of the political party they belong to. Please work to persuade the Prime Minister to rethink her strategy, to recognise that it was all a massive mistake. We are just humans after all, and we do make mistakes. The key is to recognise our mistakes and correct them. It is not too late, let’s not make an even bigger mistake, we can still take a step back, we can still save our country and stop this mass suicide from happening. Please vote against the triggering of Article 50, please keep the UK in the EU.

    Yours sincerely,

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