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13 hours ago
Benefit fraud? I'm more concerned with corporate fraud.

The government faces outrage after it was accused of setting a target to turn down the vast majority of benefit appeals.

Critics branded the system a "sham" after the policy was released by the ... See more

14 hours ago
If "work is the best route out of poverty" why are so many poor people in work?

During her ITV Leaders Live appearance Theresa May smugly asserted that she thinks "work is the best route out of poverty" , which is an ...

20 hours ago
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Topple a Tory Cards added today at FB Page: Tory Trump Cards 2017 (all shareable at this page)

- Sam-Gyimah, Guy Opperman, Mims Davies, Marcus Jones, Guto Bebb, Jeremy Lefroy

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1 day ago

Copied with consent.


Its difficult for us to comprehend. Because we care.
But "Government" cares for nothing but its ... See more

2 days ago
Facebook had a nasty surprise for Theresa May when she decided to lie repeatedly live on air [VIDEO]

On Monday 15 May, Theresa May took part in her first ever ITV Leaders Live Facebook question and answer session. And judging by the public’s reaction on the social media platform, people were…

2 days ago
Full English Brexit, and making sure it never is.

In the 1950s, when an embryonic European Union was taking shape, national leaders had to improvise every time they wanted to meet. But the need to respond to pressing events in Europe and in the rest ... See more

2 days ago
Stand Up For Europe

Theresa May was live on FB earlier and this is what happened...
Are you sure that #Brexit is still the will of the people, dear Miss May?

2 days ago
ITV News

Theresa May answers your questions in the PM's first ever Facebook Live Q&A. #ITVLeadersLive (scroll to 11 minutes in to watch)

2 days ago
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