Brexit News

8 hours ago
Priti Patel Says Tory MPs Must Use Brexit Bill To 'Discard' EU Regulations

'Use this once in a lifetime opportunity.'

10 hours ago
What Brexit will do to UK trade

Three University of Groningen economists analysed the UK's options for trade after it leaves the European Union. Their result? There is no option that is bet...

16 hours ago
Brexit: Blamed for Monarch Collapse - Felix Magazine

Uncertainty over Brexit and the Government’s dithering have been blamed for the collapse of Monarch Airlines, which has prompted the UK’s biggest peacetime repatriation effort to fly 110,000 ... See more

16 hours ago
Northern exposure: Brexit reveals Shetland split

When do people understand the need for proper International Fishery Policies, and that this will not go away even after a still hypothetical Brexit.

Fish do not know Borders, they are spawning ... See more

Fishermen in remote islands hope for Brexit boost, but employers worry about access to EU workers.

17 hours ago
Brexit weekly briefing: progress, but not enough to move talks on

Michel Barnier says Theresa May’s Florence speech made it possible to ‘unblock’ impasse, but results could be months away

17 hours ago
Petition: Don't leave the EU

It would be a colossal mistake for the UK to leave the EU. The Government is floundering in the Brexit negotiations and the country would be poorer in every sense outside of the EU. And It would ... See more

18 hours ago
Brexit won't stop our twinning links, says mayor

A TWINNING link across the Channel started almost 60 years ago will continue after Brexit, civic leaders have said.

18 hours ago
MEPs to criticise UK over Brexit talks #StopBrexit

A motion to be voted on in Strasbourg says not enough progress is being made in the negotiations.

18 hours ago
Slowdown in UK manufacturing as weak pound raises costs

Markit/Cips UK manufacturing PMI shows activity fell to 55.9 last month as the cost of goods used in the production process rose

19 hours ago
Sir Vince Cable says Brexit and the Government are partly to blame for Monarch's collapse

The fall in the value of the pound after the Brexit vote and the resulting lack of confidence in the Government are partly to blame for the collapse of Monarch Airlines, Sir Vince Cable has said. The ... See more