“Don’t let us be a nation, in five years time” … reminiscing bitterly about the days when we enjoyed free healthcare and human rights”

I’m going to say it. Even at the risk of ‘upsetting’ people. Shortly before the referendum, an old friend said to me “Why are you so panicked about leaving the EU?” I answered her at the time, mentioning (among other things) the economic impact of Brexit, the certainty that it would hit the poorest and most disadvantaged in society the hardest, and that we would be giving the despicable Tories free rein to do whatever the hell they wanted to this country. I was accused in the comments thread of being ‘dramatic’.

Today, as May meets with Trump I cannot help but wonder just how far up sh*t mountain she is prepared to lead the UK. One of the biggest, most pressing issues we face is that we are now desperately scrabbling around in the muck for trade deals. Our options are so dramatically narrowed by the impending hard Brexit, that becoming Trump’s gimp and opening the door to a TTIP-on-steroids type deal seems inevitable. Our NHS is at serious risk. Our food standards (high under EU regulations) are at serious risk. Our human rights are at serious risk. Our environment is at serious risk. The very fabric of our society is at serious risk. So, far from being the ‘independent’ Britain that was promised by Leave, we are now whoring ourselves out to the most incompetent, despicable ‘leader’ that recent times have seen.

Millions of women (and men) marched in opposition to Trump. Millions should be marching in opposition to Brexit because, whichever way you want to dress it up, they are both borne out of the same ideologies. We ALL, Leave and Remain voters alike, have a responsibility to fight for this country, to save the NHS, the bedrock of our society and to fight for inclusivity and tolerance. Brexit is not going to give anyone, except the tiny few, what they were ‘promised’ or what they expected.

Please don’t let this evil in. Please don’t let the ‘government’ silence you and tell you that ‘this is what you voted for’. Please don’t shrug and sink into apathy and inertia. Please don’t let us be a nation, in five years time, poorer in all senses; culturally, socially, economically, sitting there on our effluent soaked beaches eating chlorine-soaked chicken and reminiscing bitterly about the days when we enjoyed free healthcare and human rights.

Please join us on the March to Parliament on March 25th. All of our futures, and those of our children and grandchildren, really do depend on our action.

Andréa Carol

(Facebook post – 27/1/2017)

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